Friday, February 22, 2008

LB Newham and LCA fear legal challenge

Yes, you read correctly. We are getting plenty of feedback that the Consultation Fiasco has come back to haunt LB Newham, thanks to FTF. Currently we are making them all work rather hard, when they thought that this process was just a formality that they had to carry out and wouldn't bother with the unnecessary task of asking too many people how they feel about 120,000 jets overhead.

It's no surprise to us they should fear a legal challenge, after all can they prove they have consulted ALL residents affected by this major application to increase flights? We at FTF think not.

If only LB Newham had taken a look at Google Maps - or perhaps even the 13km safeguarding area it might give them an idea of how far they should have consulted. Of course when you are a council like Newham which is so disorganised that it doesn't even have the flight track records to see which areas are most affected by flights - then you can see why they only bothered to consult 1/2 kilometer initially.

You can just imagine the alleged discussion between friends over lunch that day..."lets keep the costs down, keep it a quiet affair and we'll get this application through nice and quietly, just like the one in January 2007, haw, haw".

Ahh those were the good old days eh??

We do believe we hear the faint echo of a public enquiry being called for.............