Thursday, February 07, 2008

Facts NOT Spin - Some Items for Objection Letters


1. The increase in numbers of flights (50%) and the average noisiness (using their Noise Factored Movement scheme, 85%) will produce a massive increase in noise.

2. The claim, on the basis of Leq (average noise over 92 days), that the increase will be imperceptible (1.8 decibels (dBA)) calls into question the LCA's consultants' understanding of average noise - people who are subject to aircraft noise in and around their homes cannot fail to notice a 50 per cent increase in flights.

3. Even if Leq was an adequate indicator, the evidence (table 2.6) shows a massive increase in the number of people blighted by high levels of noise.

4. The Air Transport White Paper (ATWP, "The Future of Air Transport", December 2003) says (para 3.6) controls should operate so that "noise impacts are limited, and where possible reduced over time", not increased as proposed by LCA.

5. The LB of Newham, as planning authority, cannot be allowed to duck its responsibility to control noise within its own and neighbouring boroughs. There is no other body which is able to impose noise controls. Paragraph 3.6 of the ATWP states "local controls"

6. The ATWP does not urge airports to make maximum use of their existing runways as asserted by LCA in various documents. The Government policy for "best use" is a long-standing one which pre-dates the ATWP and which the Heathrow T5 Inquiry Inspector observed is not the same as maximum use.

All kindly donated by Roger of LADACAN