Wednesday, February 20, 2008

So how many won't notice the noise levels going up Mr Gooding?

This table shows LCA estimated (murky) figures that currently there are 7,250 residents in the 57 and 63db estimated noise contours. If expansion is approved the noise contours will cover 34,100 residents!!

These are LCA's, presented by RPS (who strangely have tried to get into this blog in publish mode just this morning - it's on the visitor log!) own murky estimates in the planning application, which we feel will be grossly inaccurate as their recording of noise levels has been so unreliable up to now.

We just need to remind residents that 57db is LAeq, that means it is based on an average of the noise taken over 16 hours.

At LCA this will include the flight free time overnight and at weekends. So 57db LAeq is invalid as far as the actual noise that residents hear. So all those jets flying over at 90 second intervals of up to 85db will be likely to be manipulated into the 57db LAeq contour.

Yes, that is what they do to try and convince you all that the 'noise' is not noisy at all!!

But look at that jump for the amount of residents in the 57db contour - currently estimated at 7,100 residents but which will go up to 26,200 residents by 2010 if they get their way.

The 69db contour notes that no residents will be in that level - well that is not what the application says at all! The Ramada was named as being in that contour, amongst many other residential areas recently/being built.

Perhaps Mr Gooding will realise that referring to residents who will have the misfortune to live in the contours as 'John' was not such a wise PR move. What was it now ' we won't just say tough luck John'. Unfortunately we think that is exactly what LCA are saying.