Thursday, February 28, 2008

LCA Expansion Threatens To Kill Regeneration and The Communities

If expansion goes ahead it WILL kill the community, and the progress of regeneration:
  • Over 35,000 additional residents will be affected by noise levels so high that they will not be able to have windows open, or spend time outside.
  • Cases of loss of hearing will increase in the areas nearest to the airport
  • Children's development and education will be affected by the constant high levels of noise.
  • 50% more planes = 50% more noise will drive residents out of their area and make the area a place that people do not CHOOSE to live in. This contradicts Newhams own pledge to reduce aircraft noise in the borough and encourage more people to move to the Royal Docks.
  • More air pollution will escalate the highest levels of asthma mortality for under 30's in England even further, and contribute to other serious illnesses such as cancer. This contradicts all commitments by the Government to reducing C02 emissions.
  • Residents in the nearest neighbourhoods will find it more difficult to travel to work as a result of: more over crowded than ever DLR services, buses and roads with extra airport traffic.
  • London taxpayers will have to pay more council taxes to pay for London City Airports £7million, and perhaps increasing, security costs.
  • Approximately 6,000 new homes may not be built as part of the Thames Gateway housing plan if expansion goes ahead. Many of these are in Newham - which has one of the worst housing shortages of all the London Boroughs.
  • Issues of safety - and likelihood of incidents with the airports reported poor standard of security, as revealed by The Sun.