Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Just how much time do LCA spend on this blog site?


Select a,b,c or d from the following questions.

1. How long do you think London City Airport Community Relations Staff spend on this web blog each day? (You'd be surprised!)

a. Less than 1 hour,

b. 1 -2 hours,

c. 2 -4 hours,

d. More than 4 hours.

2. Do you think this shows that they:

a. Don't have anything better to do,

b. Are finally finding out the truth and facts for the first time and are benefitting from our super sharp knowledge,

c. Wish that they were as good as we are at good, honest, community relations. (we hire out at the annual revenue income of SITA just in case their interested),

d. Realise what a mess they have made and that it's been uncovered.

All answers to:

The Spinner College
Pinnochio Way
Loadsamoneytobemade- In-The-Docks

Ok, we're finished on this one for now....don't blame the bunny.