Monday, February 25, 2008

LB Newham Council, Time and Democracy

We thought that there was no better clock to remind LB Newham Council Planning Department that we are still waiting to receive a response regarding the 12th March planning meeting to consider the application by LCA to expand flights.

No meeting details have been released, nor have requests to take to the platform been responded to. It's been a long wait and so far the new planning officer is not responding to anyone it seems. Surely they are not going to try and hold the meeting behind closed doors? We don't think even LB Newham could be that foolish. Perhaps the Head of Communications Ian Tompkins may like to give his advice to the Planning Department in how to respond - he's usually pretty sharp, well in relation to asking individuals to remove photos and logos from their blog sites that is. Oh yes, we were not the only ones that Mr Tompkins made such a request to. At least we know not to take it personally. But hopefully as he is terribly efficient he will realise that communication is rather important at this stage.

Big Ben - signalling the home of a democratic parliamentary system, and of course the time. We thought that Newham Council might need a reminder that we are indeed still living in a democracy where CONSULTATION is not a choice for them to carry out - but a democratic requirement and obligation to residents.