Tuesday, May 27, 2008

They told us to read the Whitepaper.....

An individual (who claims to be an 'airport employee'), recently referred objectors to London City Airports plan for flight expansion, to the Aviation White Paper in a bid to justify their position on expanding noise and other pollution over vast residential areas. Now that is really the ostrich effect.

It seems objectors are nothing but a nuisance and deserve what they get in their view! Funny that. Really, why should we all expect to be able to have our windows open or have a bit of peace between flight batches - after all we are only ordinary people, paying taxes...of which some pays London City Airports annual security bill of £7million!

We thought that perhaps they
should have themselves looked at the overwhelming theme of the responses to the aviation whitepaper consultation - it makes heartwarming reading even though it doesn't mention LCA. Whoops, sorry we forgot ....residents responses don't count...do they? That is clearly why so little consultation occurred in East and South East London.

And just to pre-empt the industries response of the data being historical: it's more recent than any of the noise readings that have come out of LCA for 7 years so this data should be positively current!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Evidence Supporting Airport Expansion is Flawed

Flaws abound it seems in the quest for aviation expansion and it appears to be endemic across the sector, could this be simply because the truth is too painful and damaging? Seems like it's time to bin it and start all over again with something that could be regarded as remotely reliable. It's the call for 'real facts' that keeps emerging, just as it does for the objectors to LCA's application to expand.


For London City Airport, the flaws look to be on their inability to collect actual noise data for 7 years, and instead estimate figures and effects on the communities in their application to expand. But lets not forget their 'economic benefit' claims which are equally as shaky and hard to see, even after 20 years of operating. Of course there's that little issue of wider environmental pollution that they had their head buried in the sand over for a time, until pressed to address their contribution to pollution by other objectors. We should remind you that the GLA objected to LCA expansion on the lack of consideration of the full impacts on the environment and communities - FTF are clearly not alone in their concerns.

It seems we can find a lot of common themes, which we have raised as concerns, in the following article, written by our colleague from HACAN - John Stewart:

Will the Government listen this time round? Its own adviser, the Sustainable Development Commission, is calling for a moratorium on airport expansion until stronger economic evidence is produced and until there is greater certainty about the level of emissions that will result.

This comes on top of calls from many other sources for a rethink. Bob Ayling, the former chief executive of British Airways, says the plans to expand Heathrow do not add up in economic terms. All the opposition parties are against the expansion plans for Heathrow as they stand.
The Government is on incredibly shaky ground in claiming that the expansion can go ahead within the agreed emissions levels, and its economic claims for expansion are equally weak.
A report produced by the independent Dutch consultancy CE Delft found that while Heathrow has been important to the UK in financial terms, its expansion would have a negligible effect on the economy because businesses are coming to London anyway.

The CE Delft report challenged the economic arguments of the Transport Secretary, Ruth Kelly, and others that, if Heathrow were not expanded, businesses would go to other European cities where airports are expanding, particularly Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Paris.
The report found there was little evidence that businesses would relocate because of the other attractions of London: it is a thriving financial centre with a relatively low tax economy compared with other European countries.

The expansion of Heathrow may well be in theinterests of BA and BAA,but that is not the same as saying it is essential for the health of the wider economy. Businesses outside the aviation industry say they are not desperate for a bigger Heathrow: where they are losing money is where thechief executives of top companies are held up for hours, and that's what they want BAA and the Government to sort out.

It is highly significant that the report challenges the Government so directly on emissions. The report's call on the Government to quantify the emissions from its expansion programme for aviation comes close to being a damning indictment of the Government's claims that it can go ahead and still meet the UK's emissions targets.

It is now time for the Government to address the recommendations in this report and commission a truly independent study into the economic case for its expansion plans for Heathrow and elsewhere. Equally, an independent study should be commissioned into the real impact of expansion on noise, air pollution and emissions. Until that is done, it makes no sense at all to go ahead with this programme of aggressive expansion of aviation. What we need is a moratorium on aviation expansion until we have the real facts.

John Stewart is chairman of the campaign group Hacan Clear Skies

Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Case of Double Standards - LCA and Crossrail

Noise, vibration, dust and other environmental effects were top of the list of concerns for......now you think we are going to say residents don't you?

In fact, they were the stated concerns of London City Airport in their Petition regarding the construction and operation of Crossrail.

It seems LCA were more than happy to use the Human Rights Act and their concerns for the environment to protect themselves and their 'most demanding and high profile of customers' who use the Jet Centre, but not when it comes to residents. But what is most evident is that they certainly do not practice what they preach.

The document, passed to us by fellow objectors, when shown to residents has been greeted with a ' you are joking'? Sadly we are not, well they were not: the double standards applied by the airport, (yes the one that can't measure it's own noise levels for 7 years, and as stated by other commentators has not offered the full environmental impact of expansion), are truly amazing.

It's just a shame that some of the things they ask for, they seem utterly incompetent of carrying out themselves within their own business for the well being of the community, even though they are required to do so under the Section 106 Agreement issued by the London Borough of Newham. We could liken that to a 'specific code of practice' that they demand in the petition - but one that LCA have shown little regard for themselves if recent findings are anything to go by.

But cheer up - it looks like LCA want cash for noise/inconvenience....so surely residents would be entitled to the same for the inconvenience, noise, dust and vibration and the significant loss of value on their properties (yes we have some data from another airport for evidence that expansion does affect property prices) from LCA activities up till now: get your claim forms and Human Rights Lawyers contacts for the ready!

The document quotes:

31."Your petitioner is also apprehensive about the noise, vibration, dust and other environmental effects of the construction works in the vicinity of the Jet Centre and the implications that these will have for employees and passsengers". "By its nature, the Jet Centre operation is used by the most demanding and high profile of customers who expect high standards of service". "The adverse effects of construction works may compromise such standards and result in a decline in the usage of the Jet Centre, causing Your Petitioner significant financial loss". " Your Petititioner requires the Promoter to be bound personally by a specific code of practice to minimise or mitigate such effects and a full and sufficient indemnity in respect of such financial loss".

34. "Your petitioner is also extremely concerned by the impacts on the Jet Centre from the operational railway". "In particular, Your Petitioner is apprehensive about the potential noise and vibraition effects of running trains in the tunnel that passes underneath the Airport and the implications for the sensitive environment of the passenger facilities at the Jet Centre"."Insufficient data is in the Environmental Statement accompanying the Bill to enable a proper assessment of the likely impacts of these operational effects. "Your Petitioner considers that there is inadequate information regarding the assumptions used in the assessment for train speed, track fixing, and track foundations". "Your Petitioner submits that the Promoter should be required to incorporate all reasonably available mitigation measures including track-laying and foundation techniques in order to ensure the vibration and noise effects of operating trains are minimised".

Community Impact
39. Your Petitioner is also greatly concerned by the wider noise,dust, vibration and disturbance effects of the construction works in the community and the resulting environment that the works will create. Your Petitioner requires the Promoter to be bound to specific code of construction practice, which is fully consulted upon with the local community in order to ensure the minimum impact on residents and businesses.

Human Rights
59. Your Petitioner submits that in its current form and without further amendment or provision as sought by Your Petitioner, the Bill is inocompatible with the right of Your Petitioner peacefully to enjoy its property and to carry on trade or business. The Bill would unfairly interfere with such right contrary to Article 1 of Protocol 1 to the European Convention on Human Rights and fails to provide Your Petitioner with sufficient right of participation in future determinations of Your Petitioner's rights........

PRESS RELEASE: London City Airport Could Be Operating Illegally

London City Airport (LCA) could be operating illegally whilst Newham Council appear to take no action, but do consider LCA’s planning application to expand flights by 50% to 120,000 per year.

LCA have failed to submit actual noise readings of aircraft operations since the year 2000, instead using historical figures and manufacturers details in their application for more flights.

Fight the Flights [1], the group that is opposing the expansion of flights from London City Airport have seen documents which indicate that London City Airport could have been operating illegally since the year 2000.

The documents [2] indicate a clear breach of the Section 106 Agreement by London City Airport. The Agreement requires the airport to provide annual ‘actual’ noise measurements for the purpose of aircraft categorisation [3] and noise factored movements. Noise contours are also based on this data.

The last set of actual noise readings taken at the airport which were considered to be reliable and valid were for the year 1999-2000 [4].

London City Airport has submitted a planning application to the London Borough of Newham due to be considered on the 4th June 2008 [5] to increase flights by 50% based on estimates of noise levels from the historical and manufacturers information of the aircraft and which are therefore unreliable. Whilst the use of larger, noisier jets has increased considerably over the past few years, current and future noise increases may be even higher than estimated.

It may be the case that the current noise factored movements are already exceeding the levels laid down in the Section 106 Agreement. This may mean that more flights may currently be operating out of the airport than are allowed.

It appears that in 7 years London City Airport has not taken its responsibility in respect of noise monitoring at all seriously.

The London Borough of Newham appear to have taken no action against the airport to enforce the Section 106 Agreement, in regard to noise measurement, to the detriment of the communities that live in the areas surrounding the airport.

Even on the estimates provided by the London City Airport, there will be an increase in noise contours of 50% with residences in the 57db contour increasing from 3,300 to 11,300 with proposed developments and residences in the 63dB contour are set to increase from 80 to 3100 with proposed developments, if expansion goes ahead. The airport claims, on the current noise estimates that “no dwellings become exposed to noise levels of 69db or more under the proposals” (see page 8 of the airport’s April 08 revised non-technical summary).

Bickerdike Allen Partners presented an eight year review of LCY departure noise levels in Appendix 1 of the 2005-2006 categorisation report. This was based on manufacturers information and the noise readings from 1999-2000. Aircraft operating out of LCA should not be louder than 94.5PNdb (as determined in the Section 106 Agreement) and yet the document indicates at least one breach of this rule.

London City Airport has employed the controversial Hill & Knowlton PR company to ‘push’ the expansion plans through. Since then a “member of the family at London City Airport” whose “job is to promote that success through the power of PR” since set up a blog [6] which promotes the airport and has attacked several people who have objected to their expansion plans, accusing one MP of ‘propaganda’.

Notes to Editors:

[1] Fight The Flights is a coalition group of residents from across the boroughs who are objecting to the proposed 50% expansion of flights by London City airport. Residents formed the coalition in response to the lack of consultation, and lack of accurate information available on the effects on the community and environment. We work with Friends of The Earth, HACAN Clearskies, the group which is opposing the expansion of Heathrow, and other campaign groups fighting airport expansion.
Fight the Flights: http://londoncityairportfighttheflights.blogspot.com/

[2] In a report by Bickerdike Allen Partners for London City Airport, Annual Categorisation Report 2005-2006 dated 10 July 2007 the following points are clearly made:

"In accordance with London City Airport's original planning permission, aircraft operating at London City Airport are required to be categorised by their departure noise levels, which should fall into one of five noise categories”.
“For the first year of operation with the extended runway (30 March 1992 to 29 March 1993) the aircraft were provisionally categorised on the basis of manufacturer's data.
In all following years however, for approved aircraft operating at London City Airport, the categorisation was to be made with respect to measured data from London City Airport's noise monitoring system.

The latest planning permission, and the related Section 106 Agreement, continues this method of categorisation".

The report goes on to say:

“the current categorisation year (April 2005-March 2006) as for previous years since 2000, LCY have been unable to maintain a gateway pair of NMT’s in regular and continuous use. ....specifically.....NMT 1, 2 and 3.

These difficulties have arisen as a result of construction activities adjacent to the monitor sites and impending development proposals, as well as maintenance issues. This has prevented the acquisition of gateway pair data for the majority of this time."

"It has therefore not been possible to acquire sufficient quantities of reliable noise data to generate annual noise categorisation data during the period 2005 to 20006. During this year, and since 2000, categorisation has been sought predominantly on the basis of historical data as shown in Appendix 1……"

[3]The Section 106 Agreement set as part of the planning approval on London City Airport on it’s last application to expand. The agreement requires the airport to take actual noise readings of departing aircraft on an annual basis so that ‘noise factored movements’ and the categorisation of aircraft can be calculated. The categorisation of aircraft:

Aircraft types using the Airport shall be placed in categories and allocated noise factors as set out below”,
Category Noise Reference Level PNdb Noise Factor
A 91.6-94.5 1.26
B 88.6-91.5 0.63
C 85.6-88.5 0.31
D 82.6-85.5 0.16
E Less than 82.6 0.08

The categorisation of aircraft directly affects how many flights are allowed in any one day, week, year. The Section 106 Agreement states “….the number of factored movements shall be calculated by multiplying the number of take offs and landings of each aircraft type by the relevant noise factor for an aircraft type….”

[4] Bickerdike Allen Partners categorisation report for 2005 2006 noise monitoring states: “The mean departure noise level for individual aircraft types has therefore been……specifically from data obtained during the 30 March 1999 to March 2000 categorisation year, the last year during which the original noise monitoring system was in operation”

[5] London City Airport submitted a planning application to the London Borough of Newham in August 2007 to expand flights by 50% to 120,000 per year. Documents may be found at:
Reference: 07/01510/VAR London Borough of Newham Planning Applications:

[6]London City Airport ‘member of family’ blog: http://prdock.wordpress.com/

London City Airport Consultative Committee: http://www.lcacc.org/
Hill and Knowlton PR: http://www.hillandknowlton.com/
Newham Council: http://www.blogger.com/www.newham.gov.uk

London City Airport Don't Know How Many Employees are Newham Residents

The Chief Executive of London City Airport has stated that out of just 406 directly employed London City Airport staff - he is apparently unable to say how many are Newham residents! Additionally he appears unwilling to state how many of those 406 employees are part time employees.

Source: Richard Gooding's response in a letter to a 'local' MP.

Well there's a surprise!! Seems a bit strange to base hugely wild claims of spin of how 'the airport' benefits the residents of Newham in employment matters when:

1) they don't know how many Newham residents they employ,

2) Newham residents are not mentioned in their customer statistics on LCACC,

3) they are using such spin in their application to try and bait the council on jobs for 'local' people,

4) section 106 agreement requires them to produce annual statistics of residency of their employees. Another breach of the agreement perhaps??

Just fancy that!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Cat's Out Of The Bag...

London City Airport Flouts Application Conditions For 7 Years.
Well, it seems that the work of dedicated FTF campaigners and residents groups have uncovered yet another shocking example which indicates the level of deceit and abuse that has been actively present when keeping all the facts from residents, even when the airport has been breaching the Section 106 Agreement.

But for the first time, we must congratulate LCA and LB Newham being so successful in trying to bury the fact that the actual noise measurements had not been taken for 6 (7 now) years...oh yes, LCA mentioned there was a problem with batteries running out in the year 2005-2006 in their application to expand - but conveniently didn't mention the years 2000-2005!

They almost got away with it didn't they? Ahhh if it wasn't for all those objectors out there they'd have managed to bury that dirty little secret, but the evidence on the truth is out there, and we're sure there's more.

But what better company to provide us with their words of spin to compare to the official report by Bickerdike Allen Partners: This is what the airport claims on its website, our responses are in blue:

Noise and Track Keeping System
London City Airport operates a state-of-the-art Noise and Track Keeping (NTK) system to regularly monitor noise and to help minimise noise levels. This compliments a number of initiatives to protect our environment.
The noise and track keeping system has not collected valid data since 1999-2000 despite the Section 106 Agreement requiring the airport to provide actual measurements annually. Currently all measurements are estimated on historical and manufacturers information - which is completely unreliable.

Operational hours
London City Airport’s operational hours are limited to minimise the impact on local residents. The airport doesn’t open until 06.30 and closes at 22.00 during weekdays. At the weekend the airport operates between 06.30 and 12.30 on a Saturday and 12.30 and 22.00 on a Sunday.

The airport can and does operate until 13:00 on Saturdays for late outgoing and arriving flights.

Restricted aircraft
aircraft operators who are able to demonstrate that their aircraft can operate within strict allowable limits can use London City Airport.
Strict? Based on almost 7 years of no actual noise measurement taking place by the airport, and the noise measurements key to which aircraft are allowed to operate within the 'strict' guidelines and those that don't we have serious concerns about just how this has worked in practice.

Restricted movements
The number of Air Transport Movements (take off and landings) is limited.

If the actual noise measurements have been missing for 7 years and the categorisation of aircraft which indicates how many air transport movements can take place relies upon this information to be accurately calculated then it is quite apparent that the amount of landings and take offs could exceed the limits set in the Section 106 Agreement. If this is the case then the airport could be operating illegally.

Noise management scheme
A noise management scheme is fully operational at London City Airport, with specialist equipment used to monitor the noise and flight tracks of departing aircraft. Real time inspection and detailed analysis of aircraft flight paths ensure that aircraft adhere to arrival and departure routes. In addition to the NTK, general ground running monitoring ensures that aircraft create the minimum noise. These procedures reduce the use of the auxiliary power units and the use of reverse thrust by aircraft.
The noise management scheme and specialist equipment? Is that the same equipment that has failed to be utilised efficiently enough to provide reliable, actual noise readings for almost 7 years?

Don't forget that all noise contours for the area are also based on these 'estimated' figures - this means that there could be 100s if not 1000's of properties that could be eligible for noise management and yet may have been told they are not eligible, and perhaps even compulsory purchase if noise levels exceed 79db. But of course as there are no accurate, reliable measurements residents don't know where they stand. And it is these 'estimated figures' which have been submitted for the current planning application.

And LCA expect to expand flights by 50% in view of this appalling lack of actual data, appalling example of management and duty of care and responsibility to the community, they must really be in cloud cuckoo land.

As for the LB Newham - maladministration comes to mind and legal advice is being received on the matter. Both Newham and LCA have let down the communities which they claim to have such good relationships with and in which they claim to communicate so 'honestly' to.

All comments here are made on the evidence of the Bickerdike Allen Partners, London City Airport, Annual Categorisation Report, 2005-2006 Noise Monitoring, 10 July 2007

Monday, May 12, 2008

Application Deadlines - You can still object

Depending on when residents/organisations received their Newham Planning letters notifiying them that they had 21 days to look at the additional information submitted on Newham's website, for many the deadline to comment may have already past.

If it has and you missed the date you can still send in your objections, Newham Planning will accept them, but the sooner they arrive the more likely they are to be taken into account. If they are too late it is more uncertain if the points will be able to be addressed by the planning officer.

Newham Planning hope to take the application to the 4th June Planning Committee. However from the selection of objections we have had sight of we personally think this is unlikely.
It looks as if London City Airport might have to submit yet more relevant information that is 'missing'.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Public Inquiry - Justice, Truth, Democracy and Openness

With all the recent events of the past few weeks, it has never been clearer that a Public Inquiry is the only way that the communities affected by an increase in flights from London City, will have access to the democracy and factual, untainted and unspun information that they deserve. So far we have seen some shameful behaviour but we are glad to say that more residents are now aware of the games that are being played and of the expansion application - which was our first goal as a group.

Big business does not own communities, and those communities all have a right to be fully and fairly consulted with accurate information, which is all within their rights of a democracy. It is residents who keep a community going and it is they who have to pay the price when negative outcomes are placed on their doorsteps.

The communities, and campaigners have nothing at all to lose by a public inquiry taking place - after all it maybe the only opportunity they get to hear all the effects of expansion fully explained and assessed in how it will affect them in their homes and areas. But clearly for some, a public inquiry would not be advantageous due to the detail of the full implications of expansion being revealed, much for the first time, and also the cost and time involved.

Many, and we mean many, residents have experienced a consistent level of obstructive, and inaccurate information being poured out to the communities, or at the opposite end not receiving any information at all. That is why FTF formed a coalition of a group of resident campaigners to raise awareness. Raising awareness, providing factual information and asserting rights given to us is not a crime in a democracy. Though clearly some would rather it was.
And what is more we are so pleased to tell you that there are countless other objector groups working on the same cause and it shows - Newham have received an unprecedented amount of objections. FTF is not alone in it's objections by any means - there is a whole network out there busily campaigning. It seems as if it has had the effect of bringing the communities together - divide and rule will not wash here.

Hill & Knowlton PR And City Airport's Expansion Plans

by Kate Magee and Clare O'Connor PR Week UK 24-Apr-08, 06:00

London City Airport has called in Hill & Knowlton to help push through expansion plans.
The agency will provide political and stakeholder communications after winning a keenly fought four-way pitch.

Hill & Knowlton PR have been regular vistors of the FTF blog since its creation. Here's a little bit of their business background for those of you who are not familiar with H&K, all from Wikipedia, by clicking here. And for your convenience a few paragraphs copied from Wikipedia:

Hill & Knowlton has generated a fair amount of controversy. Numerous PR campaigns, on behalf of both governments and private industry appear to violate both industry ethics and civil statutes. In 1991, Hill & Knowlton received $14 million from countries known to abuse human rights, including China, Peru, Indonesia, and Egypt. They have also taken on cases that dealt with corporate crime, including the El Paso natural gas case and the Bank of Credit and Commerce International case. The company has been involved in possible government conspiracies including the alleged October Surprise and has worked for the CIA in cases where overseas offices acted as covers for US agents.

Another controversial issue is the use of propaganda by Hill & Knowlton. Since the 1930s, public relations and propaganda have merged into a profitable business, with H&K making up to $350 per hour. This increased revenue gives them the funds and ability to influence public opinion. Several examples show their use of propaganda on behalf of clients:
click here.

And if that whets your appetite then take a visit to Corporate Watch by clicking here.

Make A Noise - Say No to Heathrow Expansion Event

March, Rally and Carnival May 31st
12 noon: Hatton Cross Underground Station
12.30pm: March moves off

March via the Heathrow Perimeter Road and Bath Road (about 21/2 miles)*
2.00pm (approx): March arrives at Sipson Recreation Ground ( Sipson Way) for rally and speeches

We will be looking to create the biggest NO in the world
3.00/3.30pm (approx): Finish

The main road in Sipson will be closed off. There will be stalls, food, drink and plenty for the children, ranging from bouncy castles to face-painting
There will be special buses to ferry people back to the tube and rail stations
Check out the special website

A Fun Event with a Serious Purpose

The Government expects to make its decision about Heathrow expansion in the Summer. This is our big chance to show the extent of the opposition. We expect this to be the biggest demonstration against expansion in Heathrow’s history
It will be all legal and peaceful but thousands of people marching will send a powerful message to the Government

Join us!

* There will be transport for those who feel they cannot walk that far.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Reminder for Objections - Deadline Tomorrow

The deadline for Newham Planning Department to receive objections for the proposed flight expansion at London City Airport is tomorrow - 7 May.

You can email your objections to Sunil, the LB Newham Planning Officer whose details are listed to the side of this page. We recommend that you ask for an acknowledgement of receipt if using email.

You can find all the other information regarding the application here.
Please also sign the FTF 10 Downing Street petition as it also closes in the next few days.

PR Employee Shows Contempt For Objecting Residents

Just in the last few days our attention was drawn to an extraordinary online blog article written by a self claimed PR employee of London City Airport (but who claims the blog is not endorsed by LCA), which attacks residents who dare to object to the LCA expansion application. It seems growing objectors have caused them considerable anxiety.

It is difficult to believe that the blog has not been written by somebody who is interested in doing PR on behalf of the airport. It comes across as a well-written piece of marketing for the airport. It makes no real attempt to respond to the arguments on this website. And it certainly doesn’t show any understanding of where local people are coming from.

They attack those that live or have moved into the area: Of course those of us who have moved into the area in recent years knew of the existence of the airport but there was no way we could have foreseen that the owners of the airport would want to go for such a huge increase in the number of flights. The impact on residents will be widespread. It will affect people living many miles from City Airport . Already there are people in South East London and parts of North London complaining about the growing impact of City Airport aircraft.

The economic impact of the airport is more complex than has been suggested. Investment is just about anything creates jobs but if the downsides of the development become so severe it can harm the attractiveness of an area to business.

We need an independent study to look at whether an expanded airport – with all that means in terms of noise and pollution – is really in the economic interest of the Thames Gateway area.

Friday, May 02, 2008

LCA Look to CLOPUD - For Defence or Justification?

Certificates of Proposed Use and Development (CLOPUD).

Applying for a CLOPUD enables a person to ascertain whether any proposed use of the land or buildings or any operations carried out thereon would be lawful. If the proposed use does not constitute development, or if it does but is permitted development, then the certificate should be granted.

An act of desperation in the light of growing calls for a PUBLIC INQUIRY.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Whisper - We thought it was a chocolate bar - but its just more spin!

When London City Airport mentions 'whisper jet' in its documents of spin, which they occasionally prepare for a handful of residents,you can be sure that 'whisper' it won't be!

The 'whisper jet' LCA are referring to is in fact the BAe146. For those that live around the airport and under the flight path you will know that the term 'whisper' and this jet are not in any way related nor present at the same time. It's the sort of statement that the Advertising Standards Authority have been asked to look into before. You see it wouldn't be the first time that aviation bods have had their wrists slapped for making statements about planes being 'quieter' without any evidence to support the claim. Clearly LCA in turn like to bandy around these words of spin to try and con communities and residents into thinking these noisier jets won't be noisier at all! So what comparison makes these jets a 'whisper jet' - concorde? LCA really do think that residents will be swayed by such terms as 'whisper jets' , oh dear, do we need to tell them where they are going wrong again?

So the bad news for residents is that LCA are introducing more and more 'whisper jets' (along with other Category A jets - all of which are noisier than those in the past) and that is probably why the noise levels experienced in the areas have already noticeably increased. And just in case you want to know just how much these Whisper jets measure - here's NATs noise contour for this aircraft - says it all really. PAGE 15 indicates a nice whispering 80-90dbs.

Personally we'd rather have the chocolate bar.

LCA are now so discredited by their consistent feeding of inaccurate and misleading statements and of them being revealed without any great effort, that LCA must be becoming a real embarassment for their shareholders. Oh deary, deary. It's all such a mess.