Tuesday, May 27, 2008

They told us to read the Whitepaper.....

An individual (who claims to be an 'airport employee'), recently referred objectors to London City Airports plan for flight expansion, to the Aviation White Paper in a bid to justify their position on expanding noise and other pollution over vast residential areas. Now that is really the ostrich effect.

It seems objectors are nothing but a nuisance and deserve what they get in their view! Funny that. Really, why should we all expect to be able to have our windows open or have a bit of peace between flight batches - after all we are only ordinary people, paying taxes...of which some pays London City Airports annual security bill of £7million!

We thought that perhaps they
should have themselves looked at the overwhelming theme of the responses to the aviation whitepaper consultation - it makes heartwarming reading even though it doesn't mention LCA. Whoops, sorry we forgot ....residents responses don't count...do they? That is clearly why so little consultation occurred in East and South East London.

And just to pre-empt the industries response of the data being historical: it's more recent than any of the noise readings that have come out of LCA for 7 years so this data should be positively current!