Thursday, May 15, 2008

London City Airport Don't Know How Many Employees are Newham Residents

The Chief Executive of London City Airport has stated that out of just 406 directly employed London City Airport staff - he is apparently unable to say how many are Newham residents! Additionally he appears unwilling to state how many of those 406 employees are part time employees.

Source: Richard Gooding's response in a letter to a 'local' MP.

Well there's a surprise!! Seems a bit strange to base hugely wild claims of spin of how 'the airport' benefits the residents of Newham in employment matters when:

1) they don't know how many Newham residents they employ,

2) Newham residents are not mentioned in their customer statistics on LCACC,

3) they are using such spin in their application to try and bait the council on jobs for 'local' people,

4) section 106 agreement requires them to produce annual statistics of residency of their employees. Another breach of the agreement perhaps??

Just fancy that!