Thursday, May 01, 2008

Whisper - We thought it was a chocolate bar - but its just more spin!

When London City Airport mentions 'whisper jet' in its documents of spin, which they occasionally prepare for a handful of residents,you can be sure that 'whisper' it won't be!

The 'whisper jet' LCA are referring to is in fact the BAe146. For those that live around the airport and under the flight path you will know that the term 'whisper' and this jet are not in any way related nor present at the same time. It's the sort of statement that the Advertising Standards Authority have been asked to look into before. You see it wouldn't be the first time that aviation bods have had their wrists slapped for making statements about planes being 'quieter' without any evidence to support the claim. Clearly LCA in turn like to bandy around these words of spin to try and con communities and residents into thinking these noisier jets won't be noisier at all! So what comparison makes these jets a 'whisper jet' - concorde? LCA really do think that residents will be swayed by such terms as 'whisper jets' , oh dear, do we need to tell them where they are going wrong again?

So the bad news for residents is that LCA are introducing more and more 'whisper jets' (along with other Category A jets - all of which are noisier than those in the past) and that is probably why the noise levels experienced in the areas have already noticeably increased. And just in case you want to know just how much these Whisper jets measure - here's NATs noise contour for this aircraft - says it all really. PAGE 15 indicates a nice whispering 80-90dbs.

Personally we'd rather have the chocolate bar.

LCA are now so discredited by their consistent feeding of inaccurate and misleading statements and of them being revealed without any great effort, that LCA must be becoming a real embarassment for their shareholders. Oh deary, deary. It's all such a mess.