Thursday, June 09, 2011

London City Airport Safety Risk : Cease all flights immediately

- Flock of Swans in the London City Airport Crash zone - London City Airport admit swans pose a significant risk of bird-strike. - Airport tells residents a single swan can bring down a plane.

London City Airport has continued operating flights while acknowledging that a flock of swans located in the airports Crash Zone pose a significant risk of bird-strike and potentially putting passengers and the public in severe danger.

Bird-strike is the most common cause of aircraft accidents. To make matters worse the swans are located in the London City Airport Public Safety Zone - also known as the Crash Zone - which itself already has a heightened risk of an accident.

The Airport said that "an incident of this nature could cause serious threat to aircraft, passengers and the local area" and was a "matter of urgency" but has continued to operate flights potentially risking both passengers and the public.

London City Airport have already moved a flock and warned residents who they accuse of feeding the protected species that this may not be an option again and have implied that the swans may have to be culled.

Alan Haughton said "London City Airport have demanded that residents not feed the swans due to the safety risk yet continue to put those very same residents at risk with the knowledge that the swans could bring down a plane on top of them. There should be no grey area when it comes to safety. If there is this clear and present danger, flights should be halted immediately until the swans are relocated."


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(1) London City Airport swan risk information sheet

(2) LCACC in April informed of the risk.

(3) London City Airport PSZ map