Monday, January 05, 2009

Notting Hill Housing Trust - Blinkered to Airport Noise Effect On Residents?

It seems they plan to move residents into London City Airports 63db Noise Contour Zone

We have only just recently discovered that the office block at the Royal Albert Basin, The IVAX building, by the river Thames, and 13 acres of land, has been acquired by Notting Hill Housing Trust.

Now, either NHHT has been completely naive into purchasing this land with a view to make it a residential led, mixed use development, or they have decided that social housing does not deserve to be in an environment which ensures some degree of quality of life.

The area, and the IVAX building is right by the side of the very low approach to the runway, approximately less than 500 yards away. It has the 'benefit' of also being in a ESTIMATED 63db noise contour area...and according to our experts mapping of the crash zone using the correct methodology for the future appears to be at threat from the 'Crash Zone'. We are just wondering how residents will use all this 'well designed public space' if they risk having their eardrums burst with 120,000 jets flying over each year: one every 90 seconds with noise levels so high you won't be able to hear each other speak! What a barmy idea to house yet more people in the property blighted area.

To say we are speechless that NHHT would even consider housing residents in an area which already has such excessive noise levels from jets, is an understatement. Let's hope that they make prospective social housing purchasers, and tenants well aware of the noise levels and of the crash zone before they get them to sign on the dotted line. Property blight has already hit all the homes in the area and has left neighbouring new blocks empty for years as a result of the detrimental effect of the airports activities.

Funnily enough Fred Nugent of Newham Council makes no reference to the 50% increase in flights and noise levels on the blighted site and how that will effect residents negatively! How surprising!
Posted Date: 04/07/2008 - Housing Net.Co.UK

Notting Hill Housing has exchanged contracts on Ivax Quays, a large site in the Newham area of Thames Gateway region.Notting Hill has proposed developing the 13 acre waterside site into "Great Eastern Quays": a residential led, mixed use development in line with the Albert Basin Development Framework Plan.The development will play a significant role in the regeneration of the area, combining private sale, shared ownership and rented accommodation along with over 7,000 square metres of commercial space and almost 6,000 square metres of well designed public space.2,000 new homes each year by on