Friday, January 16, 2009

Is Publicis the Next To Help LCA?

Publicis is a marketing and communication company. Apparently they address the ''multicultural process facing industry'' and "recognise the importance of local culture".

Rumour has it they are being could it be something to do with the 'racial equality impact study' that Newham failed to ensure was carried out by London City Airport? LCA clearly need a lot of help right now, as they have effectively ignored the needs of the majority of residents affected by their 'activities' when failing to carry out the 'racial equality impact study'

Apparently LCA and Newham are above the Race Relations Act requirement, when it comes to major applications in the Borough of Newham, the most ethnically diverse borough in London. LCA and Newham Council are so focussed on the community that they appear to have written off 3/4s of the local schoolchildren in and around the airport, and a large proportion of Newham residents.But Friends of the Earth have reminded Newham of their obligation...and the planning officer has been made to think about it by the solicitors. Newham have taken legal advice following receipt of the letters from FOE and the planning committee agreed to DEFER a decision in order to give them an opportunity to consider the issue further.

The development committee ACCEPTED this recommendation to DEFER at Wednesday's meeting.

Oh joy....some social justice at last for the people of Newham!

So it's possible there's a bit of marketing and advertising work going in Publicis's way. So best to warn the communities to get ready and hang on to their FACT cards!!