Friday, January 09, 2009

The 16 'Interests' of Councillor Chowdhury

The Evening Standard reported during the week that house prices in Newham have been the worst hit and have fallen by 18% . No hope of a sale than for the poor residents trapped by the Airport as a result of property blight for the foreseeable future.

But take pity on poor London City Airport Consultative Committee member Beckton Councillor Ayesha Chowdhury. With the average home price now at £257,963 her SIXTEEN properties in the ward are now estimated to be only worth a paltry £4.1 million. That's a drop, over a year of £750,000. As she does not have to declare any properties outside the borough we can only hope that she has other properties in less volatile areas. All's not lost though she has the yearly junket provided by London City Airport to look forward to in the summer..........whilst she busies herself with the concerns of local residents, unless those concerns are over aircraft noise and pollution that is! She couldn't possibly say anything objective about that at all in the State of London City Airport, whoops, State of Newham.

If she dared speak up against that deadly trio of 'friends': 'Sir' Rob Wales, R. Go, and 'The Nipper' then she'd soon fall out of favour with Newham State and have to deal with the 'consequences'....oh dear what a State indeed!