Saturday, January 24, 2009

Conviction For Uncertified Flights Out of London City Airport

An eagle eyed resident noticed that the CAA had carried out a prosecution in Stratford which they suspected had to be linked to an activity from London City Airport. A freedom of information request to the CAA and we have all the information to enlighten us of yet more goings on at LCY.

It seems that illegal flights were going in and out of LCy. They were illegal as they were in breach of the Air Operator's Certificate(AOC). British North West Airlines pleaded not guilty - but were duly convicted. You can read more about the AOC here.

We at FTF can't help but question: how on earth did London City Airport allow these flights to operate, and more than once? Or did they just pass the buck and have their heads buried in the sand over this issue too? It shows a complete disregard for health and safety of the communities and users, not only by BNWA at the time, but also by London City Airport. Why wouldn't LCY have checked the AOC for the aircraft? They are always going on about these stringent conditions put upon them by the CAA, though as we know, there is little regard for following rules, or obligations from the 10 years of neglect to environmental monitoring.


CAA Listed and Provided Information:

The prosecution referred to is:

BNWA operated a number of passenger flights between Sandown Airport on the Isle of Wight and London City Airport in August 2006, using Piper Chieftain PA31-350, registered as G-BBNT. In operating these flights BNWA was in breach of its Air Operator’s Certificate.

At Stratford (East London) Magistrates Court on 1 November 2007 the Company was convicted after trial of three specimen offences under Article 6, ANO 2005. They were fined £1000 on each count and ordered to pay £4000 costs. Total £7000.