Wednesday, January 28, 2009


PRESS RELEASE from Campaigners in Havering:

Havering, the outer London Conservative borough which is officer led, has the most laid back attitude to airport expansion and climate change in the south east.

However, local Tory MP, James Brokenshire, has realised the full impact of expansion at London City Airport. Those plans, combined with NATS flight path alterations, will affect Havering dramatically. However, any consultation with the people who live there has been non-existent.

Havering Tory leader, Michael White, says London City Airport’s growth will NOT create ‘unacceptable environmental impacts so far as we are aware.’ A response to LCA’s Newham planning application was not considered ‘appropriate’. Havering stood alone as the only local authority out of the many to be affected by expansion at LCA not to make ANY response whatsoever.

And how confident are they that the impacts of increased flights are ‘acceptable’? Well, no other members of Havering Council were aware of the LCA expansion plans apart from Michael White and the chairman who signed the decision. The matter was not raised at local area committees or indeed flagged up in the Council’s fortnightly free newspaper.

So Havering Council thinks it’s ‘acceptable’ not to respond to NATS surveys which propose increased over-flying in parts of Havering. It thinks it is acceptable to make no response to a plan to increase flights and emissions at LCA by 50% which will impact on the quality of life for many residents.

But the most staggering betrayal of local democracy is Havering’s secrecy about the whole issue. Local grassroots climate change activists have had to expose the effects of these planning issues and inform the local press, residents and Council members.

And as for public consultation….? Well don’t ask! But we can rest assured that the Council will keep ‘ these and other aviation matters under constant review.’

Well , that’s a relief!

Rosina Purnell
To get involved contact 01708 437811