Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Guardian - Picks up our Crossrail story on London City Airport

Nice to see that Paul Vidal, reporter of the Eco Soundings column in The Guardian today, has picked up our story on the whingeing London City Airport petitioning against Crossrail.
This won't go down well with the LCA PR - more negative, but factual information about London City Airport out there in the public domain, what next? Freedom of speech, of the press and democracy? LCA better get the chill pills out! Don't forget LCA are upset, because they feel it's their human right to enjoy their business 'peacefully'! It's got nothing to do with the competition of another transport system which might take some of their custom away from jets and put it onto high speed trains of course!
January 28, 2009 The Guardian

Off the rails
Crossrail, the east-west rail line soon to be built through London, has been welcomed by commuters, government and business. But three organisations have now petitioned the House of Lords, complaining about the noise and pollution that could occur during its construction. One is London City Airport, which runs the airport, another is London City airport's freeholder, and the third is London City airport's leaseholder. FYI: London City airport wants to increase flights from the airport by 50% - flying in the face of many complaints about its own noise and pollution.