Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hoon knows whose side he is on and it's not yours, it's big business!

Hoon has given the go ahead for Heathrow, third runway and all. So 700 households now know that the government is happy to let big business 'run over' Sipson, and disturb and affect the quality of life of hundreds of thousands of residents across London. This decision doesn't only effect the living, yes BAA and this government are happy to 'run over' cemetries too - well to be precise they will even move the local cemetary if it gets in the way of profit.

Planes are getting quieter they say? Why is it then that more and more of us that affected by Heathrow flights across the whole of London? East London is already disturbed by Heathrow flights with residents being woken at 4.30am. The ever increasing noise and pollution from aviation is growing - it is a collective affect across England. Green planes? It's all pipe dreams and about as genuine statement as 'strict and stringent noise and air monitoring'. Yes, we've heard this all at London City Airport -and their 'stringent operating and monitoring conditions' amounted to 10 years without consistent, reliable actual noise and air quality readings. Oh yes, and they also share the 'broken promises' theme with BAA. With this governments collusive relationship with the free loading, tax payer subsidised, aviation industry, allowing aviation expansion willy, nilly, at ANY cost it speaks for itself whose side Hoon and this government is on.

After yesterdays' gaffe by 'Baroness Vadera' stating that she could see 'green shoots' of promise on a day when around 8,000 jobs were earmarked for redundancy, we see Geoff Hoon, the Bufhoon take the word of the CBI's Jones and state 'I know which side I am on'. Yes, it is very clear which side Hoon and the cabinet are on, and that is not on the communities side at all, and clearly it isn't isolated to the aviation issue!

We're predicting things are really going to start to get interesting now - if anything the ridiculous collusive Department for Transport, the government and aviation are going to be in for a VERY rough ride over this very misguided decision along with their overall policies on aviation expansion across the country.
Well done to John McDonnell and those other MPs who have stood up and spoken up. This is just the beginning.