Sunday, June 08, 2008

A Raincheck and the Naughty Employee Corner

Just as we predicted, the LCA application was not addressed at the 4th June Newham Council planning meeting. More information is no doubt being requested and it looks as if this could continue for some time yet. No date is set for the application to go to the planning committee to date. The application was submitted last August....will it make it to 12 months?

However in the meantime we are sure we can rely on the predictable attacks on objectors by the one 'self claimed empoyee of LCA'... the type of language and disrespectful comments made to the residents of Newham, which were full of contempt (too offensive and politically incorrect to put on here) and the threat that objectors will be 'run over' must be setting a real standard for this 'employee's' behaviour.

The email in question has been forwarded to a local newspaper. The frustration must be really setting in for them and we are just sorry that they don't embrace the values of democracy and freedom of speech, for anyone other than themselves without dishing out threats and insults to residents who do not share the same views. It's yet another PR disaster in our view - attacking the residents, tut, tut, it's the naughty corner for them now!

Now, what was that about them showing their true colours....?