Friday, June 13, 2008

Do You Have a Complaint About LB Newham?

There are clearly a lot of issues with the administration of the LB of Newham, and more it seems. So we'd thought that it would be helpful if we posted what you need to do if you wish to make a formal complaint to Newham regarding their behaviour. This could be from their complete inability to enforce Section 106s at the Airport,not carrying out adequate consultations, or not being consulted at all, not getting responses from Sir Robin Wales, or any of his departments,...or simply flippant comments made by elected officials such as being referred to as 'troublemakers' for simply asking questions - yes the person who said that to residents will know who they are - shame on you.

Don't forget if the council do not resolve your complaint to your satisfaction and you feel that the issue has been unanswered and unresolved after their three stage process you are then able to take it to the Ombudsman. You can see last years annual ombudsmen's letter on complaints in Newham here.

It seems that in most cases you will need to write a letter.

All the following extracts are taken from the Newham Website:

There are several different ways to contact the council to make a complaint.
4.By letter

Please note If your complaint is about an event that happened over 12 months ago we are not obliged to investigate further.

Complaints about members of staff must be made in writing
Information we need:
The minimum information we need in a written complaint is:

The name of the service your are complaining about
What have we failed to do
When the incident or issue occurred
What would you like to see done to resolve the complaint
Your full name
Your address
Your telephone number or email address
Who you have already contacted within the council regarding this complaint

Your complaint should be sent to the service manager for the service you are complaining about. If you don't know who this is, please send your complaint to the Corporate Complaints Unit.See Get in Touch for our contact details.

If you require any assistance making your complaint, including help for people with disabilities or additional language requirements, you should contact the Language Shop.