Friday, June 20, 2008

London City Airport Noise Caused 43 Heart Attacks Claims Report For GLA
Traffic noise is responsible for 108 heart attacks and 499 cases of heart disease in the capital every year.

Long-term exposure leads to stress which, over time, can have a major impact, according to the first study linking noise and health in London.

Berry Environmental, which conducted the research on behalf of the Greater London Authority, estimated the number of people in the capital potentially suffering heart attacks as a result of road noise was about 1.8 per cent of the total number of cases.

They also found the effect of aircraft noise around Heathrow was responsible for 100 heart attacks, while London City Airport caused 43.

So another cost and quality of life factor that is linked to the airport - but which of course they could never admit to..that would cost money and if Newham Council cared enough about its' own and neighbouring residents such acceptance of reality would affect the future plans of the airport - 'can't say no to big business' as one senior official from LB Newham stated to residents.

Still as long as the residents and tax payers pay the price for their operations - it's all hunky dory for business. Newham PCT must have plenty of money spare to treat the negative health impacts and fallout. Richard Gooding is involved in Newham hospital so surely they are aware of the impact of the noise from his business operations on the communities health? How ironic that is, right on the doorstep too.
The full report is available on the GLA website:
Effect of Noise on Physical Health Risk in London
Report 2 - Page 20 in particular