Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wallets open to PR - eyes (and ears) tightly shut to residents

London City Airport are apparently 'negotiating' the future of their noise mitigation on the basis that they are given approval to expand by LB Newham. The generosity...it knows no bounds!

So it looks like LCA has been allowed to forget the current Section 106 Agreement by LB Newham (or will they surprise us when they finally get around to penning a letter?) - and have fast forwarded to negotiation with it's buddies, LB Newham in a deal for the future? Well what hope is there that they will ever keep to their word for the future when they have failed for the last 7 years? None in our opinion, and the confidence and trust in LCA and it's words of spin appear to be at an all time low if residents feedback is anything to go by.

We'll we've got a better idea for LCA- get your house in order LCA and stop feeding spin and deceiving residents over the noise issue, and also the jobs. We believe that LCA's noise levels are far higher than their 'pull out of a hat' estimates and consequently they could be denying households the noise mitigation assistance that they are entitled to. Sort your noise recording equipment out and lets see the real evidence for a change.

Still with all that money they are paying to the PR company - don't expect anything to come voluntarily from LCA in terms of noise mitigation or actual noise data collection - the wallets are tightly shut to suffering residents. LCA are more concerned in schmoozing to make money for their shareholders - and none of that is going to be dropping anywhere near those who pay the biggest price of all for more business flights.

Of course the one thing that they didn't expect was residents
having what LB Newham lack - a backbone and a sense of social and community responsibility. Residents aren't in it for financial gain- that must be a strange concept for them, they have smaller goals - like a life in which they can have their windows open and not have a heart attack due to the effects of aircraft noise from LCA.

If anyone wants to see the worst side of big business behaving badly and of a council that has lost touch and has become autocratic - just fly straight into Pinnochio land and take a good look around. The evidence is before your very eyes.