Sunday, June 15, 2008

Planning Meeting Date - But Newham Only Tell London City

Those residents who live nearest to the airport in Newham have been informed via the spin publication of London City Airport the Runway News that the:

application to expand flights is to be heard on June 18th at LB Newham. This gives three days notice.

However Newham Planning have not notified any other objectors or residents of this themselves and so once again prove just how smoke screened and undemocratic their processes are - they seem experts at it, sadly.
What we'd like to know is how LCA can get such priveleged information weeks in advance (for print) and how Stephen Timms felt it was the right time to re-visit the statistics (which no evidence was available just a couple of weeks ago) in his column in the Newham Recorder last week, (it must have been a coincidence!) - which incidently has never featured any stories on London City Airport which are anything other than postive. It's dissapointing as there have been at least a few opportunities when the newspaper could have acted as a point of factual information and putting the record straight for purposely misled residents. Still when London City Airport PR staff ring up papers bleating everytime something printed about them which they didn't manufacturer themselves and give the reporters a hard time, what do you expect?

Now isn't that all strange? So we will wait and see what the Secretary of State says about all this and whether residents can rely on the insiduous, creeping, less than open and honest behaviour continuing between London City Airport and the LB of Newham simply sets a precedent for all their 'major' planning applications? We just can't wait to see what Newham has decided....because as you know their decision would have been made two weeks ago and forwarded on to the Secretary of State.

Placing bets anyone?? We just can't wait!