Friday, November 21, 2008

LCA Boss Can't Give Tickets Away!

Charles Buchanan Director of Business Development at London City Airport was alledgedly recently overheard saying that he 'couldn't give flight tickets away'. So business is looking really good for London City Airport then!! No surprise why H & K had been forced to switch on to the confidence building PR for LCA a month or so ago - to hide the reality once again.
But the director soon moved on to a far more critical business issue: amusing himself with a tale about how he left home one morning wearing two odd shoes - which his colleagues and BAP man didn't find quite as amusing as the director found himself. A man who can be so careless as to put on two odd shoes and leaving home is entrusted to be the director of business development? Good choice Credit Suisse and GE - sounds like a real recipe for, something. We can see now, why LCA have such a fundamental problem in not being able to follow simple planning laws set upon them.

Oh happy days: seems there's a mole in LCA and a director who just doesn't know when to be discreet.