Saturday, November 08, 2008

Newham and its Councillors Suffer Ongoing Amnesia

We wondered, is there something in the water at Newham Town Hall, or is it something that is in the Town Hall which appears to affect the accurate recollection of councillors when they make statements about London City Airport and the communities? This is particularly noticeable when they don't mention the planning departments inability to enforce planning conditions against the aiport and how the airport keeps breaking planning condition law - all to the detriment of residents.

The councillors tend not to mention that 2 public inquiries have been held over the airport amongst fierce opposition against expansion, and certain promises were made to residents - all of which have been broken. They also don't mention that THEIR council has neglected their duty to an extent of gross maladministration for 8 years in not enforcing the planning conditions. But no, the councillors haven't mentioned that, they clearly are not affected, and it doesn't worry them: they've had 8 YEARS TO ACT after all and have done NOTHING. Councillor Graham Lane appears to fall into that category.

Cllr Lane strangely stated in the Newham Recorder that Ken Livingstone supports London City Airports expansion. Ken Livingstone has not supported the airport expansion (and it is well documented if you care to research), in fact he wanted to see it closed down. He wanted to see much needed homes for the Newham residents who continue to live in substandard housing, or are termed as 'homeless' built in the area. As Cllr Lane should know Newham has one of the worst housing shortages in England.

They are clearly out of touch with the residents in the communities affected, despite residents growing anger with Newham from across the boroughs. Robin Wales has a problem on his hands, and it just isn't going to go away, no matter how much they continue to pour spin to try and bury the 'plane truth'.

So just who are the councillors representing?

Voters, or London City Airport?