Sunday, November 02, 2008

LCA BA Cityflyer Has Technical Malfunction on Take Off

Incident: BA Cityflyer RJ85 at London on Oct 31st 2008, technical malfunction
Simon Hradecky, created Friday, Oct 31st 2008 18:58Z, last updated Friday, Oct 31st 2008 18:59Z

A BA Cityflyer Avro RJ-85, registration G-LCYB performing flight CJ8767 from London City,EN (UK) to Zurich (Switzerland), diverted to London Stansted,EN due to an unspecified technical malfunction. The crew declared emergency almost immediately after takeoff, turned left and went straight to Stansted. British Airways confirmed the incident stating, that engineers are currently examining the airplane. The passengers have been bussed back to London City Airport and will board another airplane to Zurich.