Friday, April 25, 2008

Additional Documents on LCA's Application Now Available

Yes, it's time for more reading and more objections which we suspect the papers will raise, so please take the time to have a look through and send your objections to Newham!

As LCA and RPS have provided such flaky information to apply for flight expansion - they've been asked on more than a few occasions for extra information. As you would imagine, the information that they accidently didn't go into much detail about was all the negative points - well surprise, surprise! So being held over the rack with mass valid and technical objections then they have been forced to provide at least some of the negative points in the new documents. With all the latest developments things aren't looking at all good for LCA at all.

Newham have just notified some residents that these additional documents/evidence are now available online by clicking here to access the Public Access Website: and enter the application number: 07/01510/VAR and search.

Select the 'associated documents' button which displays and go to PAGE 4 and all documents which are after the document entitled 'covering letter' are those most recently added.

If you have any problems accessing the documents please contact the Planning Officer: Sunil Sahadaven on: 020 8430 2000 ext:22205

Please remember it is important to send your objections in to this application but you now only have the next 20 days to do so