Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Are you getting a good nights sleep?

FTF has growing concerns for the affect of LCA's 'living in cuckoo land dream state' of flight expansion and it's effects on East and South East London. What LCA want is to make the airport a major one. A major airport smack in the middle of high density housing and high rise office blocks will unnecessary increase health and safety risks, and misery on the surrounding areas. So we should take heed by what has and is happening to other airports around the country.

East Midlands Airport currently has around 80 flights per night (2300-0700) weekdays with rather fewer on Saturday and Sunday nights, not all of them freight and mail. It's pure hell for the residents in the area and whom you would expect it was a basic right to get a good night's sleep.

We can't rule out, nor wouldn't put it pass LCA to try to extend their flight operation times in the future, in fact if they ever got to their dream of 176,000 flights a year - we'd be confident in placing a bet that the next stage for them after that would be to submit a 'quiet application' to LB Newham, who would then in turn do their very best not to inform more than about 10% of residents affected.

Speak up against LCA expansion, but also spare a thought for those residents around East Midlands Airport and sign their petitition asking for a curb on night flights - something which is clearly not an unreasonable request so that they can all get a peaceful nights sleep. Good sleep is essential for the healthy development of babies and children and for healthy adults - our communities are valuable.