Friday, April 11, 2008

The FTF Scholarship - Fight the Flights Educates LCA Staff

It has not passed us by that LCA still spend enormous amounts of time on our web blog and we take this as a personal compliment. At least we can keep them in work for some time at least.

In fact LCA appear to use the blog as a point of educational reference - our articles seeming to educate them in terms of our listing of the negative affects of aviation expansion and references to works which support our claims. Of course they probably weren't aware of most of it going by their application content as a lot of it certainly wasn't listed in there by RPS.

We've already seen that this has forced them to be slightly more creative (but not very) in producing a document of spin for the local long suffering residents in which they claimed to 'communicate honestly with the communities'. Let us get our breath back after nearly choking on that statement! Unfortunately it was still a load of spin apart from the admittance that noise will increase.

Well, all we can say is we are very much looking forward to seeing evidence of that 'honest communication' from LCA. But perhaps they count that occasion of finally admitting that there would be an increase in noise levels with more flights, after telling thousands of residents for many months that there wouldn't?

If anyone spots any instances of consistency in their attempt to be honest communicators, please do not hesitate to let us know and we will be honoured to give them a FTF diploma, but I suspect it won't be in our lifetimes!