Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Do you know what's coming to a sky above you?

In this months edition of the Bexley Chronicle , page 8, residents in south east London and Bexley are alerted to how the skies above them are going to get considerably busier as a result of London City Airport, Heathrow, Biggin Hill and any changes made by National Air Traffic Systems with regard to changing flight paths.

Are you aware of how the changes will affect you where you live? We'd recommend and remind you to take part in the consultation exercise that NATS is running until the end of May.

Once again we unfortunately see yet another council, Bromley, operating with blinkers on in regard to how flights and the associated noise from the airport (Biggin Hill as mentioned in the Chronicle) will affect communities. Just because there is a borough border does not mean that the noise suddenly stops at that line and hence their responsibility to consult.

We'd be pleased to see residents in the neighbouring boroughs to Bromley pursue the council over their obligation to consult with ALL those affected. It's about time airports and councils played fairly and increasingly they will find themselves being legally challenged to do so.