Friday, April 18, 2008

Newham Council's Contradictions Keep Judicial Challenge In Sight of FTF

Newham Council have admitted that London City Airport's noise monitoring equipment was faulty for a period of time and during that time noise monitoring would not have occurred for weeks, if not months at one location. However Newham Council are boldly stating that although the noise monitoring wasn't active it was 'robust'. Now that's a contradiction of epic proportions!

Considering the noise figures which London City Airport have submitted via RPS in their planning application have been based on the noise measurements taken during the year when the equipment was faulty, it is astonishing that any authority would be prepared to call these 'robust' which indicates they are happy to make a planning judgement on them. We can assure you that will not be happening without a fight from FTF and the wider community.

Newham once again have displayed that they have no effective monitoring of the airport in place and it can only be viewed that LCA has been given free-reign to operate as they wish. Now and again Newham ask a couple of questions...LCA give the answers that Newham want to hear and hey presto it's all hunky dory.

This is not acceptable and FTF can only re-iterate their intention to hold LB of Newham to their legal and democratic obligations and hence if they are not applied then a judicial challenge is likely to happen.