Saturday, February 09, 2008

LCA To Provide Piped Music To Drown the Sound of A318 Jets (What a Laugh)

Fight the Flights got together today, to celebrate the security shambles at LCA being revealed by The Sun.
So in our leisure time we've been searching You Tube! for some enlightening material. And just as it looked boring, we came across this Boeing CGI (pretend test flight drawn up on a pc for those technophobes!) of the event. Still, as we all know this JET and the NY service has to have planning permission given yet - so hold tight Willie and Richard - don't want to get your hopes up too soon!
We've all had a really good laugh at this, and we're just wondering if the piped music (Seal) is going to be played to try and bury the din of this jet landing and taking off. We hope you like Seal!! But please do check out the cheesiest Boeing computer generated test landing you could ever see....Boeing and LCA are such a laugh.