Friday, February 22, 2008

NATs Opens Up A Can of Worms

NATs figures have really got a lot of people asking questions about flights and how they will affect them. We've already received a lot of emails ourselves from concerned residents who have looked at the proposals. Most of these are from residents who haven't had to worry about aircraft noise too much before - but clearly this will all change for many if the draft routes are confirmed. We've made our opinion quite clear on these draft proposals - and we will support those who believe they will be affected by the proposed LCA flight paths in our campaign against flight expansion.

In fact we are beginning to think that this latest attempt by the government (albeit it through NATs - we assume NATs were asked to come up with these proposals and didn't just decide to do it for fun) to soften the blow on some of the worst affected communities is already rebounding on them! No surprise there then.