Thursday, February 21, 2008

Greenwich Council and Sleeping Tortoises

Ever heard of a councillor, who was also deputy leader of the council, and the Greenwich Council representative on the London City Airport Consultative Committee (LCACC), not turn up to a LCACC meeting for FOUR YEARS?? (We should add here that Cllr Brooks decided to hand over the seat - he'd hardly been keeping it warm had he - to Cllr Denise Hyland in January 2008 - but guess what...she was ill and so did not attend. Once again a noticeable absence of represtentation from Greenwich Council).

Well you have now: Cllr Peter Brooks managed to do just that - and what do you know...he is actually an elected councillor for the area MOST affected by LCA flights in Greenwich - The Thamesmead Moorings! We're thinking that he went into hibernation - but even tortoises only hibernate for winter. In fact it was down to Cllr Brooks non-attendance that not one resident in Thamesmead Moorings was aware of the airport application until FTF formed and started asking questions. In fact not only did Cllr Brooks fail to represent his constituents - the other two elected Councillors: Smith and Kotz, have also failed to make any statements at all.

What have the residents in Thamesmead Moorings done to deserve such uncommitted and ineffective councillors? We hope that residents show them exactly what they think of them at the next election simply on the basis of their faliure to represent them on major planning issues and their contribution to the erosion of the democratic process for ALL Thamesmead Moorings residents.