Friday, February 01, 2008

North Woolwich Police Station to Close - Maybe it couldn't afford the £7million security bill that London City Airport refuse to pay!?

We can tell you now: Newham will say -' it's not a planning matter!' It might not be directly - but its connected as the the airport is taking £7million from London taxpayers that should be going into the Mets pockets and any expansion will increase that expenditure. See previous posting. Strangely this very issue of policing around the airport was bought up at the LCACC meeting in January 2008. Click here to see minutes.

So the residents of North Woolwich and the Royal Docks will be losing their Police Station....but they might instead be getting 120,000 planes, a transatlantic service to New York, noise levels that make you deaf and ill, and mechanised ventilation.

LCA and Newham really do know how to spoil their residents don't they!