Tuesday, February 19, 2008

50% More jet planes - ahh you won't notice a thing!!

Apparently none of us are going to notice 50% more planes as they "won't get any noisier" - even with an ever increasing amount of Category A (the noisiest) jets coming in. Well that's what Richard Gooding - London City Airport's Chief Executive says - we think that perhaps the jets have actually damaged his hearing for him to make such a foolish statement as that! But then again, we all know not to trust anything that comes out of LCAs spin machine anymore. We've also been fed the spin that Propellor planes are noisier than jets, if you look below you'll see the difference and they are not noisier.

We happened to have a lot of people taking noise measurements on Valentines Day, we thought it would be a good day for all of us to show our love and committment to the FTF cause: here's a few of the astonishing levels measured as the planes thundered over:

14 Feb 2008

Jet Planes
Air France Jet 81.9
BA Jet 80.7
BA Jet 82.8
BA Jet 81.7
BA Jet 84.1
Air France 85.2
BA Jet 82.6
BA Jet 83.2
Swiss Air Jet 82.2

Propellor Planes:
Prop 76.0
Prop 75.1
KLM Prop 77.8