Saturday, February 09, 2008

Undercover Reporter Reveals Appalling Security at LCA

Well it's no surprise to us that an undercover Sun reporter managed to get into the airport, alongside planes on the runway...all with a fake bomb.

'Plane Crazy'

The LCA 'spokeswoman' said that the bomb wouldn't have gone undetected the next morning as the area is swept each morning....that is very reassuring: that's on the premise that it hadn't already exploded fuel tanks over night and put local residents lives at risk. It really is an absolute disgrace.

Questions regarding the safety and security at LCA have been a regular topic with residents and this only confirms what they suspected all along.

It also explains why LCA pay no real attention to safety evaluations of the airport upon expansion or the surrounding areas and communities in their current planning application to expand flights by 50%. So the £7million that London taxpayers pay for LCA security doesn't seem to be enough - its time LCA paid for their own security and any increases in security that they will be demanding IF they get approval of flight expansion.

Profits before safety seem to be the order of the day. Oh deary, deary, it's just not going at all well for LCA.