Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Heads Momentarily Rise From The Trough....Again

Net Lettings are the latest property website that is happy to peddle complete inaccuracies about London City Airport expansion and it's effects on residential areas. We just love it when they raise their heads from the troughs for long enough to preach to residents the opposite of what the valuers and home owners already know.

They have no independent evidence for any of the claims they make, they should read our previous posting on these ridiculous stories of spin. They might even like to check out the estimated noise levels that would affect over 26,000 residents upon any expansion. It will 'only bring positives to south east london' states the article, and we note that our old friend Paul Collins from 'Buy Association' was the inspiration behind the words of little wisdom.

We can 'postively' say that the only outcome in all this is that LCA and other airport flight expansion WILL bring misery to thousands of homes in London and the South East, rendering many uninhabitable.