Friday, February 08, 2008

What Planet Are Paul Collins and Clifford Chance et al on? Planet Greed?

Paul Collins of Buy Association claims that 50% more jets over huges swathes of East and South East London won't affect house prices. Yes YOU should be grateful, all of you!! Unfortunately it's not only about house prices Mr Collins, is it? Sounds like a bit more LCA inspired spin to us here at FTF!!

But while we are on the value of homes under the flight path, is that because they are already pretty low Mr Collins - and because Newham is one of the most deprived boroughs in London? Having mechanised ventilation because you can't have windows open and not being able to be outside due to the roar of jets...they are hardly a selling point. Even more unnattractive to those who are looking to buy a home would be to buy one that was in the Public Safety Zone...oh yes we think that must add money to the value of their homes...knowing that if there is a major aviation incident on take off or landing that they are right in the firing line. We don't think Paul Collins has ever visited any of the residential areas around LCA, and he certainly has no concept of the impact of jets here (he's getting confused with the old Stolport planes)but we realise how good property people are at a bit of spin.

We think what he really meant - is it won't affect property prices where he lives.
As for transport improvements - they have nothing to do with LCA - they are keeping their wallets tightly closed and are not intending to put any money in TFLs direction to address the overcrowding on the transport system to and from the airport. Expansion at the airport will just make commuters journeys even more unpleasant than they already are in rush hour. In fact - how LCA could really help Londoners feel better off - is by paying their own £7million security costs. That would certainly make most London tax payers a few pound better off each month.

Then we noticed that Clifford Chance are really upset with the Mayor of London objecting to LCA expansion and telling them to get on Crossrail to Heathrow - personally we think they should get on their bikes with that attitude - goodness gracious - how dare someone not agree with the banks and lawyers who represent them!! Who'd have thought that would ever happen!
So that's good then - they won't be living under the drone, or living in a borough that has the highest mortality rates for under 30s with asthma in the whole of England,

What's more Clifford Chance are completely missing the point whilst throwing their toys out of the pram - they can still potter on down for their 10 minute journey to LCA - as far as we know there's no plan to close it - though with the anxiety Clifford Chance is showing - perhaps they think it's on the cards.

Canary Wharf and City Execs are upset with having to travel for 90 minutes to Heathrow? We say welcome to the REAL world - most of us mere mortals in East and South East London who work in zone 1 spend about 3 hours a day commuting from zone 4.