Tuesday, February 19, 2008

French Cats Don't Get Fat

Of late we have become rather familiar with the name 'SITA' - a company owned by air transport industry members, from whom the SITA Board is comprised. The company has the remit of 'serving the aviation community’s wider interests'.

SITA's own corporate profile states:

SITA is the world's leading service provider of IT business solutions and communication services to the air transport industry. With over 55 years experience. In 2006, SITA had revenues of $1.48 billion.

Not bad on the back of all those tax breaks and free/heavily subsidised security that the aviation industry gets courtesy of tax payers. London City Airport know that well.

SITA have probably been doing an excellent job up until the little issue of climate change, and how pollution kills people came to be a rather more important topic in society. How unfair that must feel, just when you are on a roll too. France putting a halt on all aviation expansion didn't really help the aviation industry much either. Fittingly there's even a book called 'French Cats Don't Get Fat' which seems rather ironic.

So we thought a little bit of wisdom was the order of the day as part of FTF's "serving the residents wider interests" own remit - (though you won't find $1.48billion mentioned in ours!) our message is:

The fat cats are fit to burst. We know you just can't stop that insatiable drive to build the gold coins up higher and higher, and the joy of that growing bonus just sparkles and fills your heart with the warmth that you have all but lost for the community, their health and well being. But there is help out there, for you all, with this deadly addiction.

It's time for LCA and the aviation industry to start focussing on quality rather than quantity. Of course killing the PR spin and telling the truth might regain it some credibility too.

Toodle pip.