Thursday, February 21, 2008

Our response to National Air Traffic Systems Press Release

You may have heard the headlines today from the National Air Traffic Systems today saying that their 'new' flight paths will see a reduction of 20% less flights in the sky in some areas.

This estimated 20% reduction will of course be at the expense of other residents, in other quiet, rural areas across the UK. Fight The Flights does not agree to yet more areas being blighted by aircraft noise. There is not a reduction in noise at all - they are simply moving the noise to other areas.

NATS announcement is nothing more than an admission that they are happy to disperse the problem to a wider area - and hence reduce the quality of more residents lives - when the real issue should be of how to reduce flight noise and disturbance to ALL communities. The Government can do this by halting all expansion and managing the aviation industry and the noise and pollution they create. It also helps if you have a decent council.