Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Want a Job at LCA? Get a Car!

We couldn't help but notice a few things about employment at LCA:

First of all in the Sun on Saturday - the security shambles expose - we noticed that there was reference by the report to a lot of
the workers not being local. So that puts paid to the 'local worker (5 mile) scenario then'!

Then we noticed the current vacancies from LCA being advertised through Reed Employment online job search site yesterday.

They clearly require all candidates to have "access to a car" and drive it to and from work - so a complete lack of committment from LCA to deter employees from bringing their car to work then.
Strangely enough the sentences about having to have a car to work at London City Airport have all been removed today - you'll have to take our word for this or pose as an interested worker to Reed and get confirmation that way .

Look's like somebody saw our brief 5sec. posting yesterday before we removed it and reposted now. We wondered why Reed had been on our Blog site at the crack of dawn today.

LCA's committment to reducing emissions even falls down on their requirement of staff to use cars! Of course if they were a really caring employer they would provide minibus transport - which would cut down the number of cars on the roads and make sure that staff get home safely at the end of their shifts. Some of us used to work at airports and this service was standard provision. But just to be fair on LCA we're going to look at what other airports provide for their staff by way of transport.

They also stipulate that the candidate must live within 30 minutes of the airport - 30 minutes in the night could get you out to Nine Elms from East London. So we reckon that is about 12 miles.

Clearly, only those with a car need apply for jobs at LCA. Any of you who can't currently afford to run a car are sadly excluded from their employment opportunities.