Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Why is Sir Robin Wales Silent?

We were admiring Sir Robin Wales's official site - you see despite so many residents contacting Sir Robin regarding the airport application - he never replies. In fact going on current statistics you are more likely to get a reply from the Head of Communications, Ian Tompkins than from Sir Robin. Is Ian Tompkins, Sir Robin's new PA we wonder?

More so why is Sir Robin silent about the London City Airport application??

So instead we must make do with looking at his site for hints about the man himself: interestingly we see that he makes a link - just as Fight the Flights has in an earlier article on health and housing. Well that can't be bad can it.....at least on that we are singing from the same hymn sheet so to speak.

Sir Robin states:

Better Health and Well-being: We'll work with the NHS to make sure their plans reflect the health needs of Newham's people. We will bring all our homes up to the "decent homes" standard and bring 2000 more homes in from the private sector for local people by 2010.

Hmm, 2000 more homes from the private sector by 2010....is this the figure after the 6000+ new dwellings that won't be built if London City Airport expansion goes ahead? Or is this figure going to drop to '0' if expansion goes ahead Sir Robin ? Or are you going to home the most vulnerable and deprived residents in homes, which your borough may allow to be built, but exceed safe noise levels near to the airport or are in public safety zones?

He may also want to consider the asthma/respiratory factor in all this too. It seems there would be a big cost factor for any aviation expansion - ready to be picked up by Newham Council perhaps?

Please note that the above picture was taken by a member of the group and Newham Council has no ownership rights of this photo.