Saturday, March 08, 2008

Noise Pollution from London City Airport - Courtesy of NATS

Residents have been fobbed off for so long with inaccurate noise measurements from LCA's often failing noise equipment (especially that at the east end of the runway). Unfortunately the noise measurements that LCA have used in their application to expand, despite it being estimates, would have all been taken from the periods when noise measurement was unreliable - and also which did not reflect the huge growth in the use of the noisiest jets.

So no surprise there - LCA burying the negative and only presenting the positive! All with a bit of 'go easy on them' from Newham Council who clearly have had little influence on the efficiency of LCA noise measuring processes as so well documented in the LCACC minutes of the past.

National Air Traffic Systems have released 2 documents on London City Airport in regard to the noise levels and contours that each plane type inflicts upon us - dependent upon which direction it takes off and lands in.

We think that most residents around the airport would find the noise maps and the levels indicated rather eye opening - but clearly they indicate the type of levels that our resident campaigners have recorded on their noise monitors as seen in our earlier post.

So 80db - 90db upwards is going to be standard with the frequency of the noisiest jet increasing, and British Airways big interest in services from LCA such as their transatlantic boeing service....and that's just for those properties deemed to fall into the contours.

If your property was built after 1990 - don't expect any help to reduce noise levels inside your home because it isn't going to happen!! London City Airport will NOT provide any help at all with noise reduction - only mechanized ventilation. So YOU, the residents, are left high and dry living with the daily 80-90db for hour upon hour of the day. *

We're sure they'll be even more casualities outside of those contours - but who will listen to them?

Nobody of course.

* The following paragraph was taken from LCACC Part IV Noise Insulation Programme:
It should be noted - see Noise Page - that where the listed homes (or noise sensitive community buildings) were built or given planning permission after 30 July 1990 they will not be eligible for noise insulation if this was required to be installed by statute or as a condition of planning permission. The premises may, however, be eligible for mechanical ventilation. This is likely to apply to many dwellings in West Silvertown.