Monday, March 10, 2008

Consultative Committee Guidance

Taken from the Dft document on guidelines for airport consultative committees:

5. Officers of consultative committees

5.1 Chairman. To maintain the confidence of the general public it is important that the Chairman should not be closely identified with any sectional interest. Where the Chairman is appointed by the airport, this appointment should be made with the involvement of the committee. To ensure continuity in the operation of the committee it is desirable for the Chairman to be appointed for a minimum period of three years, although there should be no prescribed maximum period of appointment. The Chairman may receive appropriate remuneration, depending on local circumstances and workload.

5.2 Secretary. The Secretary, too, should not be closely identified with any sectional interest. A local authority (ideally, not a planning authority for the airport) may be suitably placed to carry out this function.

The secretary of London City Airport's Consultative Committee is also appointed to:

  • run the Airport's (London City Airport) Transport Forum and,

  • run a three year archiving project for the airport (London City Airport).