Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Deception of LCA's Noise Insulation Programme

We've realised that we have let London City Airport get off pretty lightly so far in regard to scrutinising the 'benefits' they offer to all those lucky residents (what they infer not us!) that suffer from the ever increasing roar of jet planes.....

So, in our true fashion we've done a little homework. This is what we've found out about these 'benefits' that Janet Goulton, long term strategy,( and Richard Gooding CEO of LCA so happily mention as being the magic answer to your noise concerns:
  1. Only properties which fall into the 57db laeq noise contour are eligible for sound insulation.

  2. Properties built in the 57db laeq contour, which were given planning permission after 1990 will NOT be eligible for sound insulation.*

  3. Some properties within the 57db laeq MAY BE eligible for mechanical ventilation.

Confident that London City Airport are going to minimise the current noise, let alone any increased noise levels IF expansion goes ahead? We're not at all.

We think the above points, all taken from LCACC website indicate that few of the additional 38,000 residents whom would be affected by expansion, and it's associated increasing noise levels, would get any help at all. What is more those that fall outside of the 57db laeq will not be eligible for no assistance at all - and there are many of them.

This is a disgrace and it is time you were listened to. LCA and Newham will continue to neglect the real issues of noise from London City Airport if they are allowed to get away with it and they have got away with too much already.

Contact your local MP, Councillors, and Robin Whitehouse, Environmental Officer at Newham on: 020 8430 2000 or by email:

It's time they started listening to YOU, and looking after your best interests, before corporate greed.