Tuesday, March 25, 2008

LCA, Cloud Cuckoo Land and Southend Airport

We found ourselves rather amused at London City Airport's latest statement of spin - but first here's the context:

This time, unfortunately, we are very sad to report that London City Airport and their greedy shareholders: AIG, Credit Suisse and GE want to spread the misery they already inflict on South East and East London on....Southend Airport, Essex. Yes, those caring and sharing shareholders who like to bury the negatives of the effect of aviation expansion in mistruths and spin of the most epic proportions through their employees at London City Airport may be on their way to Sunny Southend. Reportedly having put in a bid for £100 million for Southend airport they are now waiting to see if they are successful or not.

But what amused us was the statement from Richard Gooding, Chief Exec of LCA, who we find is becoming almost an expert on making statements which are inaccurate and misleading.......gaffs are a plenty for the price Credit Suisse, GE and AIG are paying him...

He stated to the Independent:

"There is a shortage of airports in the South-east, and Southend therefore presents an opportunity."

There is a shortage of airports in the South-east??? Nooooo.... he's wrong on that one, but we're used to him being wrong. What he clearly meant to say was: there is a shortage of airspace for all his big plans to pollute communities in South East and East London...and now Essex...or perhaps he didn't realise? There's just 'no more room at the Inn' - hence why the government are asking NATS to squeeze a camel through the eye of a needle with their proposed flight path changes.

Here's a list of airports in the South East:

Kent International
Biggin Hill
London City Airport
Brighton City

Doesn't look anything like a 'shortage' to us!! Still LCA do have a problem with the correct definitions of words.....

But even better their 'spin doctor spokeswoman' then went on to claim in The Wharf:

We have the expertise in the Thames Gateway region and when you take that into account it becomes an even more interesting proposition".

Expertise in the Thames Gateway? What exactly is that expertise we are wondering? After 20 years LCA has not bought any significant prosperity to the area and it's residents - Newham is still the 3rd most socially deprived borough in the country.

LCA have however ruined the quality of lives of 1000s of residents who cannot have their windows open, spend time outside, or expect their children to do well at school..... and they wish to extend that to over 45,000 with expansion with deafening noise levels and other pollution. They also suggest that 6000 much needed new Thames Gateway homes should not be built to allow for their greedy expansion. That doesn't even take into account the 1000s of Thames Gateway homes that have already been built in the area which will be pure hell to live in and de-valued by any expansion of jets and the never ending 80-90db noise levels every 90 seconds.

LCA have failed miserably in their 'consultation' with all those affected by expansion, they consistently give out inconsistent and inaccurate information regarding the current application, consistently 'lose' complaints and show a complete lack of respect and knowledge of, and for, the communities affected by flight expansion.

So where exactly is the expertise in that? To round that off with the regular, amusing gaffs they make - we don't see much 'expertise' showing at all. Even if you are going to spin you need to be good at it - and clearly it's just not working out too well at all in Pinnochio Towers.