Friday, May 29, 2009

Sir Robin Wales Interview Interrupted By Aircraft Noise

This is SO Funny.

Sir Robin Wales Mayor Of Newham was interviewed this week by Dave Hill from The Guardian. The article 'Sir Robin Wales on Boris, affordable homes and regenerating Newham' is here. Sir Robin now has an Office in Building 1000.
It goes under some new name now as the name building 1000 in Newham was so bad no one would move in due to the noise from London City Airport.

Please Listen out for an interruption of the interview around 4min 20sec in as an Aeroplane was taking off.

How does anyone expect work to be done for Newham if the workers are going to be interupted every time a plane takes off or lands?

Don't worry good old Sir Robin will think something up with his good mate Richard Gooding CEO of LCY. They won't let a little thing like noise disruption stop the expansion of the airport.

The shareholders will make sure of that.