Friday, May 22, 2009

Beckton Alps


The highest point in Newham, with incredible views over London, is a slag heap of what was once the biggest gasworks in the world. It was also a dry ski slope but now lies derelict except for occasional bonfires. It is one of the 7 sites in the British Isles to have been chosen as part of the BIG ART project.

There is some discussion as to what should be put there and, as seems to be the case with anyone involved in Newham, there has been no consensus of opinion and it appears to have been put on hold for the moment. Given the amount of extra planes that will be shortly gracing our skies courtesy of the Borough of Newham I would have thought that there would be no problem in buying a couple of the redundant Boeings from the Plane Graveyard and sticking them on the site. ABC News