Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Boris Johnson Uses 'Hear Say' Not Evidence As Justification For Expansion At London City Airport

Ever wondered why Boris has such double standards and likes to try and bury his decision to support London City Airport expansion at every opportunity?

Well we thought we'd ask where Boris gets the statistics he keeps throwing out at residents when he is challenged on his decision to support expansion at LCA. Boris is particularly keen to use the stick and carrot of jobs....but really Boris, this FOI request (see beneath) and answer from your office appears to indicate that you have no such evidence to support what we know are incorrect and unsubstantiated claims that you keep throwing out!

We find it quite dissapointing that this FOI response indicates that he simply bases his decisions on 'hear say'? No wonder he's got so many double standards, he needs to start dealing in evidence and the facts. Can't say this is the type of behaviour that builds confidence or trust - but then Boris seems willing to sacrifice anything for his double standards over London City Airport - even his credibility. Boris can keep trying to bury the LCA issue - but Heathrow will not save his face as double standards are not attractive and objectors to the expansion are not going anywhere.

1) At the Mayors Question time Boris Johnson claimed that the "expansion of London City Airport would provide 1000 new jobs". Can I have a copy of all documentation that the Mayor has seen to support this claim PRE this request.

The Mayor received a verbal briefing before PQT, so the Greater London Authority holds no such documentation.

2) Can I also have a breakdown of the 1,000 jobs and a time line for the jobs?

The Greater London Authority does not hold this information.

Yours sincerely

Zoƫ Newcombe
Mayor’s Office